Referral Options and Fees

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a bulk billing practice.
  • Self referral - you may be eligible for a rebate through your private health fund (check with your fund.
  • Medicare:
    • Referral via your General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, or Pediatrician under Better Access Initiative
    • Referral via your General Practitioner under an Enhance Primary Care Plan
  • Workers Compensation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (Referral via your General Practitioner)

A Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) or Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) must be obtained from your GP in order for you to be entitled to a rebate from Medicare. Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a MHCP or 5 sessions per calendar year with an EPC referral. An appropriate referral from your GP is required for any DVA clients. 


Standard Consultation



With Mental Health Care Plan Referral from your GP




With Enhanced Primary Care Plan from your GP




Private Client




Health Fund


Dependant upon health fund

Dependant upon health fund